Daily Digital Discoveries 07/10/2013

  • We’ve built an education platform that is customizing the way students learn by offering more than 32,000 tutorials on a variety of academic topics taught by thousands of teachers. This vibrant, first-of-its-kind learning community helps teachers enrich their classrooms, empowers students to learn in their own way, and provides a pathway to an affordable college degree.

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3 thoughts on “Daily Digital Discoveries 07/10/2013

  1. Hi Ms. Diane.
    You might remember me from last week. A summary of your blog posts and my comments will be posted to my blog by Sunday night which can be found here: lupaulaedm310.blogspot.com

    I think you made an awesome discovery. I think this is great for those students who need some extra help or for students who just need to be taught a different way. Not everyone thinks like you do. You can explain something to a group of people and 1 of those people just will not understand. They need someone else with a different mindset to explain it to them. I think Sophia allows them to see things a different way. The only problem I have with it is that you need to sign in. I am not too sure how it works but right now my only question is how do you get the younger kids to see the videos if the need to sign in?

  2. After I went back and tried to make an account with Sophia, I see that students can access the information without needing an e-mail address. It also seems that students can sign up with a username using the teacher’s or a parent’s account.

  3. Thanks for checking into that Paula! That really helps the teachers out, especially for the younger students. I will be sure to share that information with my elementary and middle school teachers!

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