Today’s links 03/31/2008

Babbel – learn languages online

tags: french, german, language, languages, spanish

Here you can learn words and phrases in foreign languages and connect with people from all over the world. Practice on your own with intuitive online lessons or find a study partner in the international Babbel community.

Adobe Photoshop Express – Made You Look.

tags: adobe, photoshop, tools, web2.0, whscff

Photoshop, online, for free. Modify, save and share images, all through Photoshop express.

PodSafe Audio – Podsafe Music under the Creative Commons license for Podcasting

tags: audio, music, podcast, podcasting, whscff

This site aims to provide a location where musicians can upload music under the Creative Commons license for use in Podcasts, Mashups, Shoutcasts, Webcasts and every other kind of ‘casting’ that exists on the ‘net.

Keeping students cybersafe! « On an e-journey with generation Y

tags: cybersafety, web2.0, whscff

As we are pioneers in cyberspace, cybersafety is a concern that is being refined and evaluated all the time – trying to balance transparency with privacy, allowing students some freedom, yet protecting them and ensuring their safety at all times.

Guide to Poetry & Literature Webcasts (Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress)

tags: english, literature, podcasting, podcasts, poetry, whscff

Guide to Poetry & Literature Webcasts is a resource for locating webcasts of poets, fiction writers, and critics as they read and discuss their own and each other’s work.

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