Look what I found! 03/22/2009

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2 thoughts on “Look what I found! 03/22/2009

  1. I love your techy tips presentation which I copied if you don’t mind and added to my own Google presentation . I wish I had seen this 2 days ago as my presentation was yesterday and I had some of the the same ideas , but not the idea to print and distribute w/web addresses. Instead I linked everything so my teacher would know what they were. How did you get that background. ( Love the look and feel as well as the content)
    Thanks so much for all you share. I ( and my faculty!!) have benefitted .

  2. Thanks for the kudos about the resources, but I can’t take credit for the “techy tips” presentation. It is just a link that I found interesting and bookmarked it. I think its great too!

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