Look what I found! 12/13/2009

  • Why should I upgrade to Teacher 2.0?
    To this I have five major answers:

    1) Because most of your students are upgraded
    2) Because the curriculum asks you to
    3) Because it will help you
    4) Because you are supposed to prepare for and educate the future. How can you do that if you work in the past?
    5) Because everything else does

    If these five answers won’t convince you I regret to say that you are hopelessly living in the past still being a Teacher 1.0. But there is hope!

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  • With technology evolving at the speed of light, and everyone looking to benefit from the latest, greatest hardware and software, keeping up can be challenging for educators, administrators, and school districts themselves. To help, THE Journal spoke with a handful of technology experts and came up with a short list of top tech trends you’ll want to watch in the new year

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