Audio Recording in MS Word on a Mac

This is something that I have recently discovered to be not only very valuable for a lot of ways with students, but also a cool trick that not many people know about, especially those who are new to Macs.

In Microsoft Word, on a Mac, in Notebook view, you can record audio and save the files with the audio included. I have introduced this to language teachers, ESL teachers and the reading specialists of my district. They absolutely LOVE it!

Here’s a quick image to show you how to do it! Click the image to see it full size.

Microsoft Word
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

One thought on “Audio Recording in MS Word on a Mac

  1. I did know this, but keep forgetting to remind my teachers to show students.
    Thanks for the great direction sheet. I plan to share this with the teachers at my school. I’d love to start a list of ways this tool can be used. I thought of fluency practice, having students read what they wrote and listen back to see how they can improve it. Great for pronunciation practice, foreign language, and ELL.

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