Daily Digital Discoveries 08/25/2011

  • “First and Always Ahead.
    There was a time once when creating web forms was a big pain for webmasters. Then came JotForm, first web based WYSIWYG form builder, and turned into a joy. Today JotForm has over 500,000 users.
    JotForm is a free web form builder. For basic usage, upto 100 submissions/month, you can use JotForm fully. No crippleware. No ads. Just what you need.
    When you need to create forms quickly, JotForm is your best friend. We don’t waste your time with things like registration. Just point your browser to jotform.com, create your form and post it on your web site. Literally in minutes!”


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  • Topographic maps are a fantastic teaching resource for educators. They can be used in a variety of ways in the science, math, geography, and history curriculum, from elementary to college level. The following ideas may be used as an aid in building educational lessons or to spark your own ideas for using them in the curriculum.

    tags: usgs topographic geology geography science socialstudies

  • Our team of teachers and designers focused on creating the next-generation model for Web based teaching tools. Your focus is teaching and you need to include manageable student Web experiences in your classroom. 
    SideVibe has revolutionized the classroom handout model by putting it online and delivering it with a world class, data base powered solution.
    Now you can take your students to any destination on the Web, interact with them, guide them, collect and assess their work seamlessly. 

    tags: web2.0 sidevibe webquest tools

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