Wordle and BackChanneling with Scott Snyder

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The Cover it Live blog below contains the notes and backchannel of an after-school workshop at Wissahickon Middle School. The workshop was presented by Scott Snyder (@thespian70) and was facilitated by Staff Developers Judi Harris, Joann Groark and me. Since Scott was in his classroom at Cedar Cliff High School in Camp Hill, PA, he wasn’t there in person. We used Skype to connect Scott with our team of MS Language Arts teachers. Check out the notes and live blog below!

Audio Recording in MS Word on a Mac

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This is something that I have recently discovered to be not only very valuable for a lot of ways with students, but also a cool trick that not many people know about, especially those who are new to Macs.

In Microsoft Word, on a Mac, in Notebook view, you can record audio and save the files with the audio included. I have introduced this to language teachers, ESL teachers and the reading specialists of my district. They absolutely LOVE it!

Here’s a quick image to show you how to do it! Click the image to see it full size.

Microsoft Word
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New eToolBox Page – Meet your Mac!

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This week I will be offering workshops after school for the employees of my district to revisit some of the basics of the Mac OS and to review some tips and tricks.  In preparing for the presentation I thought about the members of the staff who cannot be there and, upon the suggestion of my friend Debbie, a technology assistant, I have put together an eToolBox page to highlight the Macs, give some tutorials and help to those coming from a PC environment and to provide a place where employees of my district can access tip sheets and directions on various things dealing with their Macs.

In addition to these lists of resources there are also 2 presentations in Smart Notebook form for the “Meet your Mac” and “Meet your Mac.. Again!” sessions. 


Another Cool Site – Evernote

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Although I am thoroughly disappointed in Google’s decision to discontinue development of Google Notebook, I know that life must go on, without one of the tools I used frequently and taught extensively.  After a few weeks of exploring all the other alternatives, I finally settled on Evernote for my web clipping/note taking needs.

I have been using Evernote for a few months personally but never really explored all of its options until forced to find a replacement for Google Notebook.  After spending several hours with it today and installing the Firefox add-on as well as the Bookmarklet tool, I now feel confident in my choice.  Although it doesn’t do EVERYTHING Google Notebook does (can’t re-order notes within a notebook at will, published notebook doesn’t look as nice as Google Notebook), I still feel that it is an awesome tool.  Just the fact that it is available in 3 places – my computer, the web, and my iPhone – speaks volumes for its capabilities.

Want to know more?  As I always try to use the tool to teach the tool, check out my Evernote Notebook about Evernote.  Click the link or explore the embedded widget below to learn about Evernote and how to get started.