Internet Tools to Make Your Job as a Teacher Easier!

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WOW! It is an understatement to say that this site is JAM PACKED with many many resources and tools for teachers in every grade level and discipline. There is so much here it could seem overwhelming to the newcomer. Here’s what you can find on this site, in a nutshell:

  • Links for K-12 Teachers – categorized by subject, grade level, instruction, and overall resources.
  • Grade Level Help for K-8 – skill builder sets to help students practice specific concept areas. An unbelievable amount of resources!
  • Assessment Assistance – resources for help for students on standardized and general subject area assessments.
  • On-line Practice Modules – self-paced learning tutorials on many subjects including Power Point, Macintosh, Inspiration, Word, Excel and more.
  • Daily Dose of the Web – start your visit here daily with updates on question of the day, subject areas, quotations, brain teachers, and interesting trivia.
  • Searching – use one of the many search engines listed. Some are very kid-friendly and return visual results instead of text.

I challenge anyone to not find at least FIVE resources they can use! Go ahead – I dare you!! 🙂

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WSD’s eToolBox Wiki has been nominated for the Best Educational Wiki in the 2008 Edublog Awards, aka “The Eddies”.

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To brag or not to brag, that is the question.  It took me a few days to decide to post this shameless self-promotion, but you know what, why not?  I’m proud of the nomination and I work hard on the eToolBox.  I deserve it! 🙂

Please click the image to vote for the eToolBox.

What to do when you can’t be there

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My district is running 3 training workshops this week for the teachers who have eClassrooms – Smartboard, Macbook, speakers, cameras, wireless internet. Yesterday we trained the teachers who are just getting their boards this year. Today we are training the teachers who got them last year (with the newbies invited too), and tomorrow we are hosting a “potpourri” of multimedia tools for their eClassrooms.

I am not the main trainer for yesterday and today’s sessions, but I was there to introduce the session, our new Professional Learning Network, and to be around in case of emergency (Smartboards are finicky with Macs sometimes :P) Anyways, yesterday went great and I was all geared up to go in today and have a fantastic day.

Then the puking began. Not mine, my 5 year old son’s. At 10:30 pm, fever of 103.5 (yikes!) and ruined bed. Needless to say, I pretty much knew I wasn’t going to work today. Which really bothered me because I was always one of those teachers who felt that they couldn’t NOT be in school because I had to teach my students and I was doing them a disservice to leave them busy work with a sub. I feel even more strongly now that I’m teaching adults. They are giving their time to be there voluntarily, I should be there to teach them.

So, today, I made my first Ustream recording to do the Ning network introduction. It’s not great because I recorded it at 7 am or so, and the quality is really bad when you blow it up. My intention was for the trainers to show the video on the Smartboard, but I also advised them to have the participants watch it on their macbooks.

So here it is, my very first Ustream recorded show and an introduction to our Professional Learning Network!

Live video chat by Ustream