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This is one that MANY teachers have been waiting for – no more need to use YouTube or TeacherTube for your (or your students’) videos! Fliggo allows you to essentially create your own “YouTube” to use however you wish. You can create a community site to allow multiple people (or students) to upload videos or a video blog site to upload your own videos. You also have options to keep it public, moderated, or private, perfect for our educational and privacy needs.

In order to experience Fliggo myself, I created a video blog site for the videos I’ve created. Check it out at

OR, watch this 2 minute introduction to how to get started in creating your own video sharing site!

This video can also be viewed more clearly from the Fliggo site. Click “View Demo” once you are there.

Christmas 2.0

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This year I’ve decided that I’m not going to spend hours on the selecting, creating, filling out, addressing, and paying for postage for the annual tradition of holiday cards. Instead, I’ve created a virtual card using a combination of and Although it will not reach every person on my snail-mail address list, it will get to the majority of my family and friends. Those without access, such as my grandparents, can view the cards on my other relative’s computers, so I’m almost all covered. And, because the card is online, even more people than my “typical” address list can receive my holiday wishes and see photos of my family.

So, happy holidays to you, reader of my blog, from the Krause family…

The Networked Student

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Watch this video to view what the networked student of the 21st century looks like. We should all be working towards using the vast amount of resources the web provides us. This video outlines a few tools such as RSS, aggregators, and social bookmarking to help organize and share tools and links.

From YouTube: “The Networked Student was inspired by CCK08, a Connectivism course offered by George Siemens and Stephen Downes during fall 2008. It depicts an actual project completed by Wendy Drexler’s high school students. The Networked Student concept map was inspired by Alec Couros’ Networked Teacher. I hope that teachers will use it to help their colleagues, parents, and students understand networked learning in the 21st century.”

Another Cool Site – Elf Yourself at JibJab!

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Although has a lot of other things such as jokes, e-cards, funny videos and so forth, the absolutely most fun element of their website is the “starring you” videos. Now, in the spirit of the holidays, you can delight in the dancing of festive elves – with the faces of your friends and loved ones!

Simply upload photos, “cut” out the faces to fit the elves’ heads, select the type of dance you would like to humiliate your friends with and voila – a cute little video clip that will amaze your relatives and put a smile on your face.

No more bah humbug … check it out yourself – it’s free!

Here’s a sample of my family (my son, sister, nephews and me) doing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” Disco!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards