A Day in the Life of an Instructional Technology Specialist

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Today driving home I realized – I love my job!

Today was a good day, a very productive day. Here’s a snapshot of my life on a good day.

I started out in the high school.  During my 4 hours there, I …

  • helped a teacher set up an online journal through our Moodle and how to use it and how to have the students use it.
  • worked with my PLN to find a resource for making poetry interactive.
  • helped a teacher change a project they had done in the past so that it incorporates more technology and 21st century skills.
  • taught a teacher how to use Google Docs, spreadsheets, and forms with Math students.
  • showed a teacher how to make a discussion forum on Moodle and have students respond.
  • answered a teacher’s questions about wikispaces that her students are currently working on.
  • helped a teacher with a few aspects of Moodle she didn’t quite understand.
  • talked with our union president about meeting with elementary teachers during their “planning” time instead of their “professional” time.
  • had lunch with a few new people and had a civil discussion about politics – with both R & D present!

Then, I travelled to our smallest elementary school that only has grades K-3.  There, I met with each grade’s teachers during their planning time.  There, I …

  • showed imbee.com to 3rd grade teachers who will be setting their students up this weekend.  We discussed parent permission and use of the site.
  • gave a mini training session on iMovie ’08 with as many features as I can cover in 15 minutes.
  • showed Pixie to Kindergarten teachers and brainstormed uses of it in their classes.
  • shared interactive websites with Kindergarten teachers to get their students engaged during center time.
  • demonstrated web 2.0 resources such as kerpoof.com, blabberize.com, voki.com, and wikispaces to 1st grade teachers.
  • helped teachers organize their files better so they are more productive.
  • fielded questions about smartboard problems, student accounts, broken printers, etc.
  • answered questions about the moodle, ning, etoolbox, and other district resources.

And, all day during and in-between meetings with teachers I constantly answered emails including, but not limited to, the followig topics…

  • moodle accounts – both student and teachers
  • mysterious emails appearing in a parent’s email box from the moodle
  • google apps and domains
  • meeting times for integration help
  • topics for upcoming trainings
  • classrooms for the future
  • smartboard problems

But at the end of the day as I was walking out of the elementary school with the young students, I thought, “I love my job!”