Newton’s Laws of Motion, Sports and Sway!

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Sway is a new online creation program by Microsoft that allows you to create on a canvas adding text, images, pictures, twitter feeds, videos, etc.  I think of it as a combination of Prezi, Glogster and OneNote (kinda) but it is a COOL new way for you and your students to present information. Although the students (and teachers) need accounts, the accounts are free.  Sharing is very easy via link, so it is a stand-alone website page (also very cool to broaden the audience, etc.)  Sways can also be embedded into websites, blogs, wikis, etc. I put together a short tutorial Sway about it.  Check it out below.

However, the main reason for this post is to show Sway in action!

Several teachers in my school have begun to use this new platform with their students and I had the pleasure of working with 2 8th grade science teachers  on a project in which students apply Newton’s Laws of motion to a sport.  This project has been done in the past with different technology but this year they decided to use Sway.  I think I speak for both teachers in saying that it was a great experience and the students did an awesome job.  In the spirit of sharing, I created a Sway that has information about the project, a link to a sample OneNote notebook that was used and a bunch of student example Sways. is where you can get started.