Seeing the changes already…

So on Friday I had the opportunity to meet with the majority of the teachers who will be the first 1:1 Classrooms for the Future teachers at Wissahickon. As you know, I am now their coach, mentor, go-to person, etc. One of the teachers pulled me aside during our break and we had a discussion about how she feels she is coming into this at the beginners level and that she may need a lot more support than the others. I told her not to worry, that I would meet them all where they are and we will take it one small step at a time.

Since then, she and I have been communicating about a modified lesson plan she is working on. We had difficulties with video from United Streaming to Power Point, and with the help of my online network, we found several solutions to the problem and the problem is solved. I just received an email from her outlining the modified lesson, and how she will modify it even more once she receives the laptops. I am very impressed with her modified lesson and am amazed that she feels she is a beginner!

I hope each and every one of my teachers jumps into this with the same amount of enthusiasm. If that happens, we will see majorly awesome things happening!

And for the record, I’m feeling much better. Still overwhelmed, but better.

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