Wondering What I Have to Say

For several months now I have been newly ‘involved’ with the world of educational technology. Every since the KTI summit this summer I have been adding people to my network and reading their blogs as frequently as possible. I have been twittering like a mad-woman and even get into a Skype chat every once and while. I have 92 followers on twitter and according to the scroll here on my blog, I’ve had 562 visitors from 28 countries stop by. But, in the back of mind sits these questions – What do I really have to say? and Why would people want to read it?

So I think about why I read other people’s blogs. It really is a strange phenomenon, reading about people’s lives and thoughts. It’s like when I was young and I broke into my older sister’s diary with a hairpin. I’m a very curious person and I used to LOVE reading what she would write to understand her point of view of her life and of course to learn about her secrets. (Sorry Dawn if you read this!) It’s strange but also wonderful how reading blogs gives you a similar window into the author’s life. But, unlike my sister, bloggers know they are writing for an audience. They are very selective in what they choose to write and how they choose to open the window into their lives. Even still I’m intrigued, and I continue to read.

diary2.jpgSo that leads me back to my questions. I have yet to discover how much of my own window I want to open. I am struggling with how to go about using this blog and how much of my life I want to put out there. Do I keep it work-related only? Do I mix in personal information? Do I create another blog entirely for one or the other? It is all still a mystery to me, but I hope to find out along the way. Comments are always appreciated!

And my readers, do they feel the same way I do, are they just as curious about me as I am about them? I hope so!

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