Look what I found! 11/01/2008

  • Librarians, teachers and parents have told us how hard it is for students to understand web searching. Boolify makes it easier to for students to understand their web search by illustrating the logic of their search, and by showing them how each change to their search instantly changes their results.

    It’s simple, immediate and easy and flexible to use with your class, no matter the subject matter.

    tags: search, boolean, searchengine, research, google, visual

  • Our Technology Dictionary has over 14,000 technology and computer related terms. The Technology Dictionary consists of definitions of IT and computer terms including but not limited to programming languages, software, hardware, operating systems, networking, mathematics, telecomunications, electronics, and more. The Technology Dictionary is based on the FOLDOC (The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing) compiled and maintained by Denis Howe.

    tags: dictionary, tools, technology

  • Sumopaint offers professional and easy to use tools for creating and editing images within a browser.

    tags: paint, photoshop, photoediting, images

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