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Gathering information to share?

How do you pull everything together?

LiveBinders is your online 3-ring binder

Best of all, it’s free!

“LiveBinders is dedicated to helping you empower others with the information you worked hard to collect. If you’re like us, you’ve used ‘creative’ tactics to keep track of all these links either through email, word documents or endless lists in your browser bookmarks folder. It is hard to put a bunch of links together in any meaningful format. And sharing a group of URLs is cumbersome for everyone – the sender and the receiver. Have you ever looked through your bookmarks list and forgotten what they are all for?

We created LiveBinders so that you could do with digital informationwhat you do with the papers on your desk – organize them into nice containers – like 3-ring binders on your shelf. At LiveBinders we welcome you to use not just one binder, but as many binders as you need to help organize the stuff you collect and share over the internet.

We have been delighted that teachers are using livebinders as a way to communicate with parents, students, and each other. We could not have done it without the feedback from our launch, and hope LiveBinders will continue to make your digital life easier. We’re still fixing bugs and adding features so please keep that feedback coming! Let us know at Thanks for your help!”

Check out this example of a Livebinder for SMART Resources:

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