Pulling it all Together for Personal Use

So, I'm seeing this new Posterous site as a place to pull all my sites together, but for personal use.  For my professional life, I have my Blog (https://diannekrause.edublogs.org) which serves a great purpose as a place to post the resources I find and my thoughts about such resources.  I sometimes even reflect on my job there and so forth.  I also have my Wiki/Webpage (http://diannekrause.com) that serves as a portal to all things in my professional (and a few things personal) life.  For my personal life, I have Facebook, and my Krause's Korner website (http://krause.weebly.com) that I hardly ever update.  I have photos on Flickr that don't really get shared that often, and I have photos on Facebook too that I've uploaded from phone and other places.  I hope that this Posterous page will serve the purpose of a portal for my personal life – thoughts, photos, videos, adventures, etc. 

Now, my big question is… can I get Twitter to post here automatically??

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