Daily Digital Discoveries 04/11/2012

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3 thoughts on “Daily Digital Discoveries 04/11/2012

  1. Hi Dianne,

    My name is Miranda Bounds and I am an EDM 310 student at the University of South Alabama. I feel like I have hit the “jackpot” with your Daily Digital Discoveries! You have a plethora of resources easily available for educators and future educators, such as myself. I will be adding your blog to my Personal Learning Network. I also enjoyed the link to your “favorites”. I will be one of the many frequent visitors to your blog!


  2. Hey Diane! My name is Sarah Clever and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I read several posts on your blog and went to the links and I was very intrigued by the sites and tools that you have found. They will definitely help me with my future students as I go through my teaching journey. I am so thankful that you take the time to write this blog for people like me who are learning about the tools that technology has to offer. I will definitely use you sight as a reference in the future and it will be included in my personal learning network! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Hi Dianne,

    My name is Byronn Brye and I’m also a student in EDM 310 at University of South Alabama. Your resources are great and easy to use! I can’t wait to graduate and actually use some of your resources in my own classroom. I plan to be an educator not just a teacher.

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