Hour of Code

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In honor of Computer Science Education Week next week, students in Wissahickon School District and across the globe will be participating in activities for the Hour of Code.

Below is a Sway that I put together to introduce the Hour of Code and to get students started on activities.  Our 8th graders will be completing two coding activities and then creating a presentation (via Sway or another medium) to reflect upon their experience and review the activities they completed.

If you like this Sway below, feel free to borrow it and share with others to spread the coding love!

MakerSpace “Playdate”

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On Friday, November 13th, WMS hosted educators, technology/instructional coaches, administrators and librarians in our MakerSpace and Library for what we dubbed our “Playdate”.  The intent of this time was for folks interested in MakerSpaces and STEM education to come together to collaborate, experiment, communicate and essentially PLAY with the items in our MakerSpace and other items that were brought by those in attendance.

We started the afternoon out with a bit of a “potluck” lunch and a brief overview of MakerSpaces, the Maker Generation and the items available in the WMS MakerSpace.  Participants also briefly shared the items that they brought as well.  Check out this Sway that we used for our intro presentation:

Wow!  What a Friday!  Not only did the afternoon work out exactly as planned with hands-on experimentation and collaboration, but we now have a solid group of educators from the area who will continue to collaborate and communicate about MakerSpaces and STEM education.  In addition to the items we already have in our MakerSpace, we learned about a lot of other STEM tools and resources and discussed their use in various curricula.

Check out some of the pictures from our event below: