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In our final round of Apple sponsored Classrooms for the Future coach training, I had the fortunate opportunity to work with my friend and colleague in the Ed Tech world Aly Tapp. After a short discussion about what makes a genius, we were asked by our trainer to conceive a metaphor and illustrate it with images, video, words, whatever. We were allowed to use whatever medium we wished and were given about an hour to pull it all together. Below is our metaphor: “Teaching without Technology”

Next Steps

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I am heading for a career change, whether I’m ready or not! Yesterday, as I was walking down the hallway in school after a technology training session, my principal asked if I had a few minutes to talk. As we walked, we talked, and he broached the topic of a new job for me at the high school. Once we arrived in his office, he asked me if I would like to be the Classrooms for the Future Coach for my district, if we do indeed receive the grant money. A bit hesitant, and not sure what I was getting myself into, I accepted the offer. Then, he and I tried to figure out how it would work out and we came up with a plan that I would teach 3 classes and they would hire a long-term sub for my other 2 classes. Although this would work, It was not the best option for the district, the students, the CFF program, or me. After talking a bit with a fellow CFF Coach Kristin Hokanson (thank goodness she happened to be training in my classroom yesterday!) I found out how much time I would be expected to be out of the school and in training. I went home last night stressed out and totally overwhelmed.

I went back to school today and met with the principal. He proposed a new plan. I will teach full-time French first semester of the year and then second semester, after the computers get here, I will be a full-time coach. They will get a long-term sub for all my classes for the second semester. That seems like a MUCH better plan and I am very very much looking forward to it.

This is going to be such an exciting year!!!