Go Green with Technology

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This morning at the Keystone Technology Integrators Summit I am presenting “Go Green with Technology“. As I’ve previously posted, many of the sessions at this year’s summit are virtual, and you can join in on the presentation from any computer with Internet access, either through the KTI wiki, the presentation page, or right here, below! Come join me!


Classroom 2025: The Future of Education

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The culminating project in my graduate class – Ethical Leadership and the Future – is to portray my vision of the future as it relates to technology. I was challenged to be creative and to use multimedia in both the project and the presentation. For my project I chose to examine children and education today, as well as express my prediction for the future of education. I designed, wrote, and created the movie below as my vision of what schools could be like in the year 2025.

As part of my presentation will include feedback on the movie, I need your help! Please take a few minutes to view the video and leave a comment on the VoiceThread. Thanks!

Here is my prediction:

What do you think? Please leave me your comments on the Voice Thread below…

If you are interested in exploring the complete project, including results from the Kids & Technology survey, click HERE.

Your Kids’ Technologies

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For my graduate class this semester, “Ethical Leadership and the Future”, I will be creating a multi-media presentation/movie focusing on my 5 year old son and his use of technology.  A part of this project will focus on youth in general and the technologies they use.  As school is out and all the students have gone home for the summer, I have no one to interview except my immediate family and neighbors.  I need your help!  In an effort to get as many responses as possible, I have created the Google Form below.  Please consider taking a moment or two to reflect on the technologies your children use and complete the questions below.

I will be posting my completed project in a few weeks… results from this survey will surely be a part of it.

Thanks in advance!!

“We want Macs!”

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The students of Wissahickon High School have had the opportunity to be involved in not only the Classrooms for the Future Grant initiative, but also the very first pilot 1:1 high school classroom, with Mr. Jim Shoemaker. The students in Jim’s American History classes have been using the MacBooks almost daily since school started in September. I went in and interviewed Jim’s students a few weeks ago to gather their reflections on using the MacBooks in Social Studies and their feelings on having MacBooks available to everyone in their school. The following video is the result of those interviews. Watch, listen and smile as you enter the minds of teenagers and their thoughts on technology in school.

My Macbook

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I finally got it, my macbook! It is a nice little thing that is perfectly easy to use. I love the way it works and the way the files and programs are organized. Of course it took us a bit of time trying to find the WEP password for the wireless router, but once we did.. I was good to go! (Thanks again to Brandon for all his help).

How I got the mac was a pretty cool experience too. I was gathered in my classroom in the high school with many principals, administrators, fellow trainers (that’s me) and even the superintendant. Our tech director took us through what the mac looks like, what all the ports mean, how to maneovre the operating sytem, set up email, set up internet and showed us cool programs we can use. It was 3 hours of pure learning and I loved it! I sucked it all in and suprisingly remembered most of what I was told. Now I have to teach the same ‘meet your mac’ workshop in a few weeks. I hope I remember it all!

I love fun new tools 🙂