I got tagged! 8 Random Facts

So a few days ago I was tagged by my new friend Kristin. As I was in the thralls of dealing with my first macbook falling down the steps and breaking, I was behind in my blog reading. I am just about caught up with everything now and after being tagged by Scott last night, I feel it is my duty to complete this post…

Here we go!

  • Post these rules before you give your facts
  • List 8 random facts about yourself
  • At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them
  • Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they’ve been tagged

My Facts:

  1. I lived in Mulhouse, France during my sophomore year of college, 1992-1993. It was the most life-changing experience of my life.
  2. I loved science and math in high school, especially Chemistry.
  3. My dogs Dolittle and Deanne became proud parents of 8 puppies on my 9th birthday, under my parent’s bed.
  4. Besides my son Benjamin, I am the proud parent of many pets- Maggie: standard poodle, Sequoia: tabby cat, Bink (aka Bunny): mutt cat, Charles: Iguana, Jacob: African Sulcata tortoise, Lenny & Larry: Schneider’s skinks (a type of lizard), Herbie: hamster and Tropical & Freshwater fish.
  5. I started playing an online game called Medievia in 1995. Two months later I met my husband Mike on the game and now we run it together.
  6. I absolutely love creating web pages and finding out new cool things to put on them.
  7. I have one true sister, one half-sister, two step-sisters, a step-brother, and many step nieces and nephews.
  8. The first concert I attended was the Jackson 5 Victory Tour. The second was Debbie Gibson. I’m not sure if I’m proud of that or not.

Ok, as for the tagging 8 people, this is the hard part. As I am brand new to blogging and the only bloggers I know are the people I met at KTI, you are already all tagged! I promise when I meet more bloggers I’ll tag them to keep this going!

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