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So yesterday I decided to take the jump over to edublogs from blogger for my personal and professional blogging needs. There really aren’t a whole bunch of reasons why, but here are a few. Firstly, I feel that edublogs is a better environment in which to post my thoughts about about the evolution of education. Blogger seems to just be anyone’s environment, where edublogs has a specific focus. I want to be a part of the larger education community as a whole and this is a step towards that. Also, the themes are pretty cool! I’m using this green one for now but I might change it as I adapt to the new environment.

Another reason for switching blog services comes with the name of the blog. I wanted a clean, fresh start in the blogosphere. Yes, I’ve brought all my old posts over from blogspot because I didn’t want to lose what I’ve already done. But I also wanted a new place to start over, and this is it.

I’ve been trying to think of a good name for my blog since I decided to make the switch yesterday and am throwing around a few ideas: iDianne, iTech, iTech Connect, and others. One day there will be a new name, but for now, this one is appropriate.

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