Ten Tools for Engaging Learners

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On Wednesday, September 30th, from 3-6 pm, the Montgomery County Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages (MCAFTL) held its fall conference at Wissahickon Middle School.  I was asked about 6 months ago if I would be the presenter for this conference as they wanted to once again focus their fall conference on technology.  As a former French teacher and member of MCAFTL, I jumped at the chance to share my love of instructional technology with my world language colleagues once again.  When writing the conference presentation blurb in the spring, I came up with the following:

World Languages 3.0:  Technology Tools for Engaging World Language Learners

Come on out to learn about the latest and greatest web-based tools for creating engaging and interactive activities, projects and lessons for your World Language learners.   In this fast-paced, hands-on workshop, participants will be exposed to a variety of tools and resources that can be used for communication, collaboration, creativity, formative assessment, and the blended/flipped learning environment.  Time will also be allotted for participant sharing, so be sure to come ready to share your favorite web-based technology!  Be sure to bring your own device (laptop or tablet) to get the most out of this session.

However, I didn’t really know at that time what tools I would be presenting.  As I really only had about 2 hours of instructional time, and I wanted to be sure to allow the participants some hands-on time with the tools I present, it was difficult to choose not only the best tools for world language learners, but also tools that would be free, web-based, and device agnostic, as we have a variety of platforms, devices, and student access in our county.

So, without further ado, I present “Ten Tools for Engaging (World Language) Learners“.  I put World Language in parenthesis because in no way are any of these tools solely for language class.  Each and every one of the tools below can, and should, be used by teachers from every discipline in every grade level.

What tools would you have chosen?  Please leave your favorite free, web-based tools, in the comments!

Perk Up Your Projects with Web 2.0

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This afternoon at the Keystone Technology Integrators Summit I am presenting “Perk Up Your Projects with Web 2.0“. As I’ve previously posted, many of the sessions at this year’s summit are virtual, and you can join in on the presentation from any computer with Internet access, either through the KTI wiki, the presentation page, or right here, below! Come join me!

Session Recordings:

New eToolBox Pages to highlight several Web 2.0 tools

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I have created 2 new eToolBox pages that highlight 5 Web 2.0 tools that the teachers in my district are starting to use with students.

The first page highlights and provides information on Digital Scrapbooks.  If you visit the page you will see resources to aid in the use of Mixbook, Scrapblog, Glogster, and Notaland.

The other page focuses on Imbee.com, the first free social network made just for kids elementary and middle school aged.  Check it out to learn more about Imbee and to watch “The Imbee Show”, created and produced by 3rd graders at an elementary school in my district.

Cool Site of the “Day” – Skype

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Simply put, Skype can be used to communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime, via text, voice, or video. If the other person has Skype, it is free. Otherwise, there is a small fee to call land-lines and cellphones.

I use it ALL the time with my Personal Learning Network (PLN) to collaborate, communicate, and share. I also use it at Wissahickon to communicate with teachers who have questions and need a quick answer. I have even shared it with my family and my father in Florida uses it (on his MacBook!) to show me the sunset in the Keys. Very nice indeed – for free!

For instant help… here’s a direct link to the User Guide: http://www.skype.com/help/guides/

Feel free to add me… my username is dianne.krause 🙂